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And this is how it all began...........

Welcome to Soy Naturals Aromatherapy, Soy Naturals is a company that was created in 1999 in the kitchen fueled by my dream to be present while my kids are growing up. I'm very pleased that you have taken the time to visit us and read who we are and how Soy Naturals got stared. 
The business began with my Essential Oil line,  I started out small, buying from the larger suppliers and and bluing up a client base. Little by little I made connections and met small suppliers and distillers I still use today.

When I first started to think about Soy Naturals the candle making aspect of this business I knew I wanted to create a company that made the "Best Soy Candle Ever" and if you have tried our candles you know they are magnificent in every way. They are hand made from start to end. I melt, pour, wick and label every candle by hand. My candles are not "manufactured" they are handmade . All of my soy candles are made using 100% cosmetic grade soy wax. I decided on Cosmetic Grade Wax because it's the purest form of Soy Wax you can use, they are Body Safe!

For our Essential Oil line I only use Organic or Wild Harvested Pure Essential Oils, for our fragrance line I use the highest quality fragrance oils they contain absolutely no Petroleum or Phthalates. I want your soy candles to smell exactly as the fragrance you selected and they will. Once you try one of our candles you will keep coming back and that is my goal.

So off to Goggle I went and let me tell you it took my husband and I months of research and reading and buying books. Then it was time to start putting all this research to the test so I ordered some wax, wicks and used the Essential Oils I had on hand, as you know many good things are started in the kitchen and that is a brief run down of how Soy Naturals got started back in 1999.

I have been selling locally to stores and at farmers markets for quite some time and everyone keeps asking "why don't you sell on Etsy"? well I finally took the plunge and opened my Etsy store ;-)

Thanks again for taking the time to read about me, now it's time you try my amazing candles and products!!

Marlen :-)

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