Lavender prices expected to reach all time high in 2018

Part of the crisis is coming from low yield of lavender production due to weather issues. Due to the crisis consumers need to be aware that some companies will extend and adulterate the oil with synthetics now more than ever. Know your supplier and prices, be very concerned if you are buying 10ml bottle of "lavender essential oil" for $6.00, be aware that this oil is not pure and will contain fake oils and chemicals. Lavandin oil has a synthetic aroma and contains chemicals, some companies (scammers) are calling Lavandin pure Lavender. 

Lavende Essentie Oil

A reputable company selling Essential Oils will give you a copy of the GC/MS test performed on their oils. Be cautious if a company tells you the oils are tested but they do not supply the test results. I spoke with a potential supplier and I was informed they did not provide the test because customers are adulteraing the results and using them for their own advantage. 

If you would like to help get rid of these scammers there is an attorney's group who is organizing a class action suit against companies who are doing this. If you have purchased fake essential oil products please contact the attorney group at

My recommendation to you is buy as much lavender as you think you will need for the year now because you will be paying see record high prices in 2018 for lavender oil. 

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